My Story – My Journey


At an early age sewing was taught to me by my mother. It came naturally. I loved the creative process of designing and sewing my own clothes. I took sewing classes. In 1986 I purchased my first embroidery machine and opened my business The Needle-Works.

My business grew and grew. Soon I was able to purchase a larger embroidery machine.


Over the years I learned there is a difference between ‘wanting’ to be the Best. And, ‘striving’ to be the Best. I strive daily, keeping a keen eye on the fine details. Working diligently, working long hours to provide excellent customer service. When I lay my head on the pillow each night I know I have given my Best. And, I know when i wake up i will continue to ‘Strive’ to be better and better. When i was young I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur or a business lady. It just happened thru my passion and my love of sewing and embroidery.


This year 2017, is my 30th year in business. Mt embroidery machines have become larger and larger. I’m able to produce very large orders. But, My True Love is working with small business owners. Happy, friendly folks. This year I decided to focus my energy on doing embroidered patches. I opened Five Star Patches.

Vintage Photo of my younger years. I still provide the same excellent customer service and high-quality embroidery same as I did 30 years ago.

Thank you for your business. ~ Tina

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It’s Easy To Order Embroidered Clothing Online. Click Image to view hundreds of different clothing styles, colors and sizes that can be embroidered with your logo or custom design. PSelect, Order and have your embroidered clothing shipped to your home, office, or customers.

Our computerized embroidery produces the finest detailed embroidery. We choose only the finest of threads to produce a professional look and feel.